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Age: 11

As the first wild horse took step on the land,
They paired with Natives, hand in hand.
Then the French came, the British, and the Spanish
And shot missiles through the air, thinking the wild horse would vanish.
But each fire made them stronger, stronger than before
And their bravery was something even the Europeans would adore.
And the horses ran through the valley,
With their hoofs like the sound of a million drums,
It was music to ears, like guitar strums.
The horses made the first unexpected hit
And dust surrounded the air suddenly, as if a candle had been lit.
The war had begun.
Wild horses covered the land for miles,
Rushing, to defeat their rivals.
The war went on like this for years,
Humans taking land was the horses’ biggest fears.
And in the end, humans were wiped out, and wild horse’s numbers were few.
Was it worth it? Maybe not,
But while it lasted, they enjoyed the freedom they got.

5/18/2011 03:59:50

Great poem XDDXDD! Loved every word :)


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